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LifeWize Resource Network


LifeWize established the LifeWize Resource Network, or “LRN.” People from all over the nation have come to LifeWize asking for our help in implementing the LifeWize program into their communities! This is very exciting news for us because our vision is to be a bridge from the communities to the schools. So many communities have stepped up to help that vision grow! LRN is based on “The Four E’s of Effective Market Place Outreach,” which are outlined below.


When you sign up to start a LifeWize program, here is what you will get:


  • Establishment

    • ​During this step, you will be creating a brand identity 

    • You will be learning and understanding the mission and vision of LifeWize so that you will be able to start your own LifeWize program in your community

    • "The teaching of the wise is a source of life; their words will save you from deadly traps"

  • Equipment

    • During this step, you will identity the needs of your community

    • You will be gaining more training and catching the vision for the road to walk down as your start your LifeWize program

    • You will be gathering community volunteers 

  • Empowerment

    • You will be introducing LifeWize to community networks [schools]

    • Your program will gain one set of age appropriate, nationally approved curriculum from LifeWize Central

    • You will also gain an interactive demonstration box and "It Takes Courage" curriculum

  • Encouragement 

    • ​Your program will have continued access to research and development through Lifewize Central

    • You will be provided with online trainings and conferences

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